Chonburi found a new cluster Community for Thai-Foreign Workers Added 80 more covids, 2 more dead

Chonburi found a new cluster Community for Thai-Foreign Workers After the officers proactively inspected the latest situation Found 80 more covids, 2 more dead

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On May 29, 2021, Chonburi Provincial Public Health reported that the situation of the covids of the province today Found 80 new cases, with a total of 4,517, 929 are currently in treatment, 3,564 have recovered, with 2 more deaths, bringing the total to 24 deaths, of which the infected are spread in 7 districts as well. and the highest number of infected people in Mueang Chon Buri District 46 cases, Si Racha 6 cases, Bang Lamung 11 cases, Panthong 8 cases, Sriracha 6 cases, Ban Bueng 3 cases, Koh Chan 1 case together.

For those infected today, it is a new cluster, which is the community in Bang Sai Sub-District. which is the residence of foreign workers and Thai people After the Chonburi Provincial Public Health Has gone down to proactively check in the community, 819 people found infected with the virus, now 36 are due to employees of Celeres (computer equipment factory) and electrical appliances) infected with covid 19 to 28 people living in the community in this Bang Sai Sub-District

Currently, the Public Health of Chonburi Province The biosafety vehicle continues to be brought down to infected people in the community for search. Isolate the infected people as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the virus from spreading to the community. Until unable to control, along with investigations, follow-up, close contacts at work, factories, communities, and also found another contact with patients from the Okumura factory (production of copper pipes in electrical appliances). Another 10 families from work, five others are under investigation for the disease, and another 25 are under investigation.

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Today, another 215 contacts are still being searched. An additional 1,063 preliminary proactive searches are pending test results.
The new wave of Covid-19 outbreak is starting to be a source of entertainment, to family, to colleagues. to the community where employees and labourers live, which have risk factors from eating together or have close activities Socialize even in small groups of 2-3 with close friends.

The outbreak began in clusters at four factories and two markets, two construction worker camps and communities linked to the incident. therefore ask for cooperation In the establishment of measures as follows 1. not socializing not set up a drinking circle 2. Food must not be eaten close by. 3. Sick must stop 4. Joint touch point Must be cleaned often, such as knobs, handrails, finger scans, signatures and wash hands immediately. 5. Strict personal hygiene Wear a mask all the time, wash your hands often, stay away from each other.

The accommodation for employees of the establishment Maybe it’s at the dormitory that the establishment provides. or the dormitory that you rent yourself which is where the addresses of employees of many companies are mixed This will be the source of spreading the infection across companies. When the outbreak started in the company Asking for cooperation of company employees strictly in personal measures, staying apart, not crossing over to talk to each other in other rooms. Do not eat together, do not socialize, volunteers, officers, and people help to monitor

And there may be people who do not know that they are infected in society. without our knowledge therefore requesting to be extremely strict in the measures especially personal hygiene Infected through the nose, mouth, eyes You must not touch your face without washing your hands at all. Wear a mask all the time Try to leave the house less, stay apart, wash your hands often.

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For those who are in close contact with those infected with COVID-19 Strict quarantine is required. not go out to spread the infection Although the first test didn’t detect the virus, many cases detected it the second time during the 14-day quarantine.
Chonburi province will continue to search for contacts. and intensely proactive search for testing for COVID-19 and used to prevent further epidemic

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