Chonburi has 434 new cases, 64 of whom are in the Naval Area cluster.

Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office 434 new cases of COVID-19 reported

825 recovered, 8,448 in treatment

3 deaths

The new patient is in

1. Cluster in Naval Area, Sattahip District, 64 people, collecting 1,291 people

1.1 54 conscripts

1.2 Naval officers 10 people

2. Cluster Tsingwo Tai Company Limited, Bang Lamung District, 5 people, collecting 5 people

3. Cluster Construction Camp, Angthong Building Company Limited, Bang Lamung District, 4 people, collecting 4 people

4. Cluster, Vanda Pack Company Limited, Mueang Chonburi District, 4 people, collecting 244 people

5. Many enterprises in Rayong Province 29 people

6. Risky career, meeting a lot of 5 people

7. 2 medical personnel

8. Provide a history of traveling from provincial risk areas (Rayong Province) 6 people

9. Touch the confirmed patient

9.1 in a family of 121 people

9.2 from 74 workplaces

9.3 19 close people

9.4 Join a party for 2 people

10. Touch the confirmed patient (under investigation) 26 people

11. Currently under investigation for 73 people.

The three new deaths today have an average age of 67 years, all of them elderly. which was exposed in the family of a previous confirmed patient There are concomitant risk factors for the severity of the disease leading to death. is having a congenital disease, including high blood pressure chronic kidney disease chronic kidney disease cerebrovascular disease And not all cases have had a history of vaccination, so vaccination will help prevent serious illness. The elderly and chronically ill should be vaccinated against COVID-19, as this group has a higher rate of serious illness or death from COVID-19 than other groups.



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