Choo Sarang “I don’t have any Korean friends, so forget Korean… I want to speak Korean”

‘Follow me now’

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Choo Seong-hoon and Yano Shi-ho’s daughter Chu Sa-rang expressed their desire to speak Korean.

In tvN’s ‘Follow Me Now’, which aired on the 7th, Choo Seong-hoon and Choo Sa-rang had their own time.

Choo Seong-hoon said to Choo Sa-rang, “I was good at Korean in the past. He was good, but he doesn’t speak a lot of English these days. He doesn’t speak Korean well, so why did he do that?” he asked.

Chu Sarang replied, “I can’t go to Korea because of Corona 19, and I don’t have any Korean friends.”

Choo Seong-hoon said, “My father will teach me a lot of Korean. let’s study hard He has a good pronunciation, so I’ll be able to do it well.” And Chu Sarang replied “Okay.”

In an interview with the production team, Choo Sarang said, “I want to speak Korean, but I forgot a lot. I want to speak Korean from the next trip.”

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