Choosing a spouse based on intuition. Lin Kailing praises Lu Juean for his talent: He is the type that everyone likes (22:00)-20211017-SHOWBIZ

As a guest of honor, Lin Kailing went to Sha Tin Racecourse to officiate at the opening ceremony of the horse racing championship held by the watch shop today. Lin Kailing watched the horse race for the first time, and found it very exciting. She also deliberately placed a bet to try her luck. She believed her instinct, “My intuition is OK! (The choice of a mate is also based on intuition?) All, I believe in fate. I dare not say that I am. I see people accurately, but intuition is a rational judgment made through many observations, not out of thin air. I believe in love at first sight, I am romantic.”

Recently, she acted as the heroine for the new song MV of MIRROR member Lu Juean (Edan). When asked if she aroused the envy of her classmates, Lin Kailing laughed and said, “Everyone likes it and looks good. Many of my friends like Edan very much. They chase idols. , Because Edan is very dedicated and nice.” As for Edan, is she the type she likes? Lin Kailing said that Edan is the type that everyone likes. “He is so talented and everyone likes it. (What do you think of him instinctively?) He is very talented. He regards the MV as his own son. He is very involved and very interested.”

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