Choosing the vaccine is still far from possible

In Vienna, the corona vaccination of educational staff is now beginning – mainly with the AstraZeneca active ingredient. If you want someone else, you can do without and register again. However, this is not recommended.

Although there are apparently some reservations about the AstraZeneca vaccine, there will be no selection for a long time, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday when asked. From the current point of view, this will not be possible directly for several months, “because we are still in a shortage situation”. For every person who rejects a vaccine, there are plenty of others who are happy and would like to accept it.

Whoever does not want to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca will of course not be forced to do so. Instead, you can reserve yourself for a new appointment. However, it is not guaranteed which vaccine you will then get. The Ministry of Health “strongly recommends” to keep the vaccination appointments – regardless of the vaccine. Each of them is effective and safe as well as an individual protection against a severe course of the disease or even a fatal course.

Numbers on how many people have so far refused to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca are apparently not available. “We are currently hearing from the federal states that the vaccine from AstraZeneca is well received. The federal states have already planned more vaccine doses than have already been delivered,” said the Ministry of Health.

Similar situation in Vienna

In Vienna, teachers and kindergarten teachers are now starting the corona vaccination. The active ingredient from AstraZeneca is mainly used for this. Nobody has to be vaccinated with it. But: Even if you forego the vaccination for the time being – you cannot choose the vaccine for later appointments either.

Because even then there would be “no guarantee” of a vaccine from another manufacturer, the spokesman said on Tuesday. At the moment, vaccination would proceed according to the prioritization groups. So far, residents and staff of retirement and nursing homes, health workers, doctors, senior citizens over 80 years of age, people in the high-risk group or with disabilities, as well as employees in highly exposed areas (e.g. Covid-19 laboratories) vaccinated. The vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer was mainly used here.

This week, the immunization of teachers of all types of schools, after-school teachers and kindergarten staff will start. This includes all professional groups who work in schools or kindergartens – for example administrative staff, school attendants or house workers. If the vaccine recipients do not belong to the high-risk group or are under 65 years of age, they will be given the AstraZeneca vaccine.

If someone does not want to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, the person is free not to do so. However, you fall out of the respective prioritization group that is currently being vaccinated in front of the masses. In such a case, you would have to register again on the reservation platform for a later vaccination appointment.

No vaccination for university staff yet

In connection with the imminent start of vaccination for teaching and kindergarten staff, the town hall denied the circulating information that educational staff at Viennese universities would also be vaccinated. That is “invariably wrong”.

In response to the rumor, the city also ruled with a new prioritization group on the reservation platform. Lecturers and employees at universities in Vienna can now register in their own category “Pupils, students and university staff” and would now also be considered separately in the online reservation, it said.

The broadcast also contains an important note for educational staff who are ready to be vaccinated: At the vaccination appointment, proof of employment at a Viennese school, a Viennese kindergarten or a Viennese after-school care center must be provided on the spot. “An informal confirmation from the respective employer” is sufficient for this. People who cannot prove this or who are employed at a university in Vienna could not be vaccinated in the coming weeks as part of this specific vaccination campaign, it was warned in the broadcast.


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