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Chris Cuomo: CNN dismisses star presenter

WA few days after his suspension, the CNN presenter and brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, was laid off by his employer. The CNN announced on Saturday. The 51-year-old was released on Wednesday by the New York City Attorney’s Office in response to the release of new documents related to allegations of sexual harassment against Andrew Cuomo. According to them, Chris Cuomo should have been more closely involved in his brother’s defense than was initially known.

CNN said a reputable law firm had been hired to investigate the allegations. “Additional information came to light during this review.” Chris Cuomo will now be released with immediate effect. Chris Cuomo himself said he didn’t want his time at CNN to end like this, but he had already said why and how he helped his brother.

Cuomo worked for CNN for ten years

Democratic politician Andrew Cuomo resigned from his position as governor of New York City in August on charges of sexual harassment by several women. His brother Chris Cuomo had already announced at the time that he had given his brother advice – but the documents that have now been published indicate a more intensive commitment. Chris Cuomo has been working as a TV presenter for around 20 years and at CNN for around ten years. According to CNN, the documents now published by the New York attorney general show “that in addition to his work as one of CNN’s top moderators, Chris Cuomo also served as an unpaid advisor to the governor.”

Chris Cuomo pointed out that he never covered the scandal or attempted to interfere with CNN’s coverage. The CNN management initially supported Cuomo and left the program “Cuomo Prime Time” in the program. However, some CNN employees are said to have been dissatisfied with this. “Cuomo Prime Time” was often the show with the highest ratings on the station.


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