Chris Hemsworth will play Thor ‘until the audience gets tired’ – Disney – Marvel Studios

When an actor often plays the same role in film and television works, the audience may wonder whether the actor will be tired from acting. It’s true that many actors will say goodbye to their popular roles just to try something new. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have left their roles. And does the still-active original Avenger Chris Hemsworth have this plan?


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Many people ask this question because “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” will be released soon, and this is also the first time that a fourth MCU character’s personal film has been filmed. And with Natalie Portman returning to her role in this film as Thor, will Chris Hemsworth say goodbye to Thor?

Chris Hemsworth made his point in an interview:

“I loved the experience, from the beginning. Every time they come and ask me if I want to come back I say ‘yes, hurry up’. It’s a blessing to have different directors and writers that keep bringing these films to life. . As long as the audience and fans don’t say, ‘We’ve seen enough,’ I’ll keep playing. I love this character, it’s really fun.”

It looks like Sol will continue to be with MCU fans for a long time to come.

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