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Chris Marques reveals why he couldn’t celebrate Tayc’s victory

The end of the “Dancing with the Stars” season has been more eventful than ever for Chris Marques. Following the victory of Tayc and his partner Fauve Hautot, followed by 4,227,000 viewers or 21.2% of the public, the candidates, dancers and members of the jury celebrated this festive moment which will remain engraved in their minds. But the incredible Chris Marques missed the party, and he explained it in a post on social networks. “Friends, last night at the end of DALS I learned that I was double COVID contact. As soon as the live ended, I immediately left the set rather than meeting everyone to celebrate the end of the show with the whole team“, he confided this Saturday, November 27.

While he was to go to the Book Fair to dedicate his latest work “If only you knew”, the Franco-Portuguese dancer and choreographer regretted having to miss this moment. “Today I had to find Colmar and my family. I am infinitely sad to have to isolate myself so as not to spread the virus if I have contracted it. I have a thought for my friends in Colmar, my family, the ‘Salon du Livre team who had done everything to make this moment perfect. I never give up: I will be at the RUC bookstore on Sunday 12 December to share this moment with you “, he said.



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