Christian Quesada speaks on Touche not at my post: he considers himself treated like Fourniret, Lelandais or Abdeslam

Sentenced last April to three years in prison and five years of psychological follow-up for corruption of minors and possession of child pornography images, Christian Quesada has emerged from the silence imposed until now by his imprisonment. In a letter addressed to the production of
Do not touch My TV, he denounces the media lynching of which he was the object on C8, in particular on the set of Cyril Hanouna.

This letter, the fallen champion of the 12 midnight shots, was sent to Guillaume Genton who had requested it for the two documentaries he devoted to the case. Until now, Christian Quesada had never followed through. Now we know why. And he doesn’t mince his words to say it.

In his letter, he denounces the insults, defamation and calumny to which he has been subjected. Or even the most basic contempt for the presumption of innocence. “How can we tolerate that on your set, some of your colleagues, are asking for the death penalty, or 20 years of criminal imprisonment, without at any time someone intervening to bring these incredible ramblings to their senses? ”, he wrote, denouncing an intervention by Benjamin Castaldi. It evokes a “Hateful relentlessness” for facts “Certainly serious [et] condemnable ” but liable to correctional and not to assizes. He finally denounces a “More virulent cathodic process than for Fourniret, Lelandais or Abdeslam”, the latter being the only survivor of the attacks in Paris against the Bataclan, the terraces and the Stade de France.

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