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It will be over soon!

Christine Lambrecht (57, SPD) has decided to resign as Defense Minister. BILD learned this from several sources.

The initiative to give up the office therefore comes from her – not from the Chancellery. It is now about the exact time of the resignation. Her successor is already being discussed internally.

The “SZ” confirmed the BILD report on Friday evening, citing the minister’s environment. As a result, Lambrecht wants to resign from office next week.

The upcoming resignation is preceded by an unprecedented series of breakdowns. Most recently, Lambrecht Silvester had caused outrage. Reason: one Embarrassing speech before New Year’s fireworks. The video had also caused shaking of heads in government circles.

Landed in the current INSA poll for BILD Lambrecht in last place among 20 politicians. she is even less popular than the AfD bosses Alice Weidel (43) and Tino Chrupalla (47).

Lambrecht’s record as minister: a catastrophe!

︎ In the first interview after taking office (December 2021), as head of the Bundeswehr in BILD am SONNTAG, she stated that she did not know the Bundeswehr ranks. Five months later, she confessed to the “FAS”: She still didn’t know the ranks.

App readers can take the survey here: Is Christine Lambrecht’s resignation the right step?

With heels in the war zone: Lambrecht visits her soldiers

Foto: Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance/dpa

︎ When around 200,000 Russian soldiers marched in front of Ukraine’s borders in January 2022, Lambrecht proudly announced the delivery of 5,000 helmets to Ukraine. A disgrace!

Easter vacation on Sylt – with us: Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (54)

Easter vacation on Sylt – with us: Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (54)

Photo: BILD reader photo

︎ When Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) proclaimed the “turn of the era” after Russia’s attack, Lambrecht spoke of a “disarmament policy”.

And: In the middle of the war, the defense minister preferred to invest in self-defense against critical press. For months she did not want to admit that she had taken the photo of her son in the Bundeswehr helicopter herself – until a court forced her to do so. “Media Pioneer” recently announced that Lambrecht had critical journalists (including those from BILD) barred from traveling.

Lambrecht's son Alexander allowed himself to be chauffeured in the military helicopter

Lambrecht’s son Alexander allowed himself to be chauffeured in the military helicopter

Photo: private

After her resignation, Lambrecht is entitled to a pension of 5,000 euros (from the age of 65).

BILD learned that Lambrecht’s successor should be decided quickly. The military commissioner Eva Högl (54, SPD) is currently mentioned as a possible successor.

Criticism of Lambrecht video The scandalous speech on New Year’s Eve

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