Christmas: florists will be able to sell trees from Friday

This was one of the questions that arose in recent days due to the closure of so-called non-essential shops and departments. The sale of Christmas trees will be possible from Friday.

The rules in force due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, change the situation a bit. Florists will be authorized to sell trees, outdoors, like other usual points of sale, announces the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie on Tuesday.

“In the health crisis we are facing, it’s still easier to organize this sale of trees since in most cases it is done outside”, he explained on RMC.

“You will have the usual places, in which the sale will be organized. Many places are already open, I am thinking of supermarkets, I am thinking of DIY stores, garden centers. Regarding florists […] outside sales there too can be organized ”, explained the Minister.

“It’s not my way of doing things and not my way of imagining the action of the State”

Julien Denormandie specified that it would be possible to buy these trees without having to order them beforehand. “The sector is getting organized, all the producers are hard at work and it will be possible for each of our fellow citizens to have access to these trees,” he added. He had announced on Monday evening the publication of a decree to allow the sale of Christmas trees, without specifying where and from when.

He also expressed his unease about this constrained situation. “If one day I had been told that as Minister of Agriculture I would be there to announce the date when it will be possible to start buying trees, I would not have believed you. It is not my way of doing things and not my way of imagining the action of the State. We need it because if someone had imagined this pandemic, many would not have believed it. We do our best in this complexity. “

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