Christmas shopping: “Buy your end-of-year gifts on the internet and do not go to our neighboring countries”

As the holiday season approaches, the coronavirus crisis center advises you to shop online, thinking of local businesses heavily affected by the health crisis. It also asks you not to cross the border to find yourself in crowded streets and shops abroad.

Christmas decorations are starting to bloom on our streets. And the sun is setting earlier and earlier. As the end of the year celebrations approach, the coronavirus crisis center mentioned this Wednesday morning during the press point this period which traditionally rhymes with the purchase of gifts.

“For some it is a puzzle, others see it as a pleasant activity, the opportunity to go on a long shopping trip. This year, our shopping habits will be very different from those to which we are used”, warns Antoine Iseux, spokesperson for the crisis center. He reminds us that we must take into account the current health situation in our search for gifts.

“Buy your gifts online!”

For now, the majority of non-food stores are closed. But the crisis center calls not to turn away from it. Quite the contrary. “Many businesses offer their products or gift vouchers online. The products ordered can then be delivered to your home or be collected safely in front of the shops. By buying our gifts this year in this way, we will avoid the crowded end-of-year shopping streets “, encourage Antoine Iseux.

The spokesperson adds that it is important not to neglect the small traders for whom this period is important, especially given their difficult financial situation because of the epidemic. “We can all turn to them for our gifts. Many associations, towns and municipalities have set up initiatives to promote our local businesses “, reminds the spokesperson.

If you go through an online payment, be careful to do it in a secure way. On the site, you will find practical advice to identify suspicious situations and make your purchases safely online.

“The virus is also circulating in our neighboring countries, do not go there”

Finally, the crisis center warns against the temptation to want to shop abroad, at our neighbors where the stores are open. “The borders with our neighboring countries are not closed, but non-essential travel remains strictly discouraged “, emphasizes Antoine Iseux. “While it is necessary to avoid risky situations in our shopping streets, crossing the border does not in any way immunize the risk induced by a day of shopping in crowded streets and stores. The virus is also circulating in our neighboring countries, do not go there “, he insists, adding that it is better to support our local businesses which need us.

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