News Christophe Castaner calls the unions to "chase" the marchers...

Christophe Castaner calls the unions to "chase" the marchers processions


Christophe Castaner – CELINE BREGAND / SIPA

On the eve of the day of mobilization against
the pension reform, this Wednesday,
Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior, has called on the unions to "hunt" processions
those who seek to "prevent the demonstration by violence".

"I expect trade unions to make sure they organize their own events. I have had contacts with several national leaders, I know it's their intention, I know their sense of responsibility, "said Christophe Castaner.

"We fear a mobilization of" yellow-colored "vests"

"I also expect them to hunt down those who come to these events as a cuckoo would come to another's nest to threaten the protest, to prevent the demonstration with violence," he said. he says. "I also expect them to condemn this violence in the clearest way, as I also expect political parties who called for demonstrations tomorrow," continued Christophe Castaner.

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"We know that there will be a strong mobilization and, at the same time, we fear a mobilization of" yellow vests "radical (…) that could come with bellicose intentions, and perhaps also various extremists and varied, explained the minister. We prepare ourselves. I asked the prefects in each department, and the prefect of police in Paris,
to prepare devices that will allow to intervene quickly if ever some want to come to break. "

A few hundred Black blocks expected in Paris

"It's my will, it's my responsibility to make sure that the event can take place at best, that the union expression, this legitimate fight on positions that are not mine, can take place in good times. conditions, "said Christophe Castaner.

Trade unions, opposition parties and "yellow vests" called for a strike and to demonstrate Thursday against the pension reform that the executive intends to bring to an end. Some 245 rallies and demonstrations are planned everywhere in France, according to Christophe Castaner, who expects the presence of "a few hundred" Black blocks and "yellow vests radicals" in the Parisian procession, "maybe a few thousand" in the country.


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