Christo’s friend in Sarnico “Authentic relationships with him” –

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Giuseppe Faccanoni, of Sarnico, president of Navigation, was one of the few lakeside to enjoy Christo’s friendship and esteem. “I talked to him the last time a month or so ago, he was fine. Talking to him was not easy. He had no cell phone. So he had to call his nephew, Vladimir, and let him pass. We had an appointment on the phone in Paris. ”

Yes, Paris: Christo had in mind to package the Arc de Triomphe. He did not have time. “She always told me that the bureaucracy with which she clashed in Italy had never found her in any country in the world. But he was so satisfied with The Floating Piers that he said he would do it again the day after closing. ”

Faccanoni and Christo regularly heard:

«When he was in Italy we often had dinner together: he loved eating a caprese in his own way, all tomatoes and onions. At my house instead he wanted me to cook amatriciana. I also went to his atelier in New York: he only worked standing, there wasn’t even a chair. I have never known such a vital and energetic person ».


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