[Chronique] Trump’s “coup”, worthy of an African despot

[Chronique] Trump’s “coup”, worthy of an African despot

The intrusion into Capitol Hill of pro-Trump supporters, white-hot by the outgoing US president, is reminiscent of the African electoral debacles that the United States so fond of criticizing.

In a viral cliché, a man puts a rebellious foot on a piece of furniture where some of the most important decisions in his nation are made. Is it a Burkinabè who insults the home of François Compaoré, after the insurrection which drove his brother from power? No, this is Richard Barnett, a citizen of Arkansas, pictured in the office of Nancy Pelosi, the evacuated speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Force stroke

Under the eyes of stunned journalists, an officially beaten head of state publicly rejects the official results. Is it the Gambian Yahya Jammeh who clings to power? No, it is Donald Trump who heats up his supporters in front of the US Congress.

Tear gas spread through the building that serves as the seat of the legislative power. Is this a organized fight between pro-Kabila and pro-Tshisekedi in the National Assembly of the DRC? No, this is the invasion of the Capitol Rotunda in Washington by Republican activists.

On the 24-hour news channels, presenters ask experts to assess the risk of a military coup? Mali? Guinea-Bissau? Central African Republic? No, it is in the United States that several elected officials and newspapers such as the Washington Post denounce an attempted “coup”.

This Wednesday, January 6, not far from a vindictive outgoing president, supporters of Donald Trump forcibly invested Congress gathered to endorse the victory of Joe Biden. The session was interrupted, the National Guard mobilized as reinforcements and several buildings evacuated. Gunshot wounds, a protester, Ashli ​​Babbitt, dies. And the mayor of Washington decrees a curfew starting at 6 p.m.

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No excuses

We often look like those we snub. And we sometimes snub them to exorcise resemblances that we refuse to admit. When he was not simply ignoring the African continent, the most improbable president of the United States liked to throw spikes at these “shithole countries”, considered to be teenagers behind democratic processes, envious of a supposedly “great again America”. “.

“It’s the American hospital that makes fun of African charity”

Two months after the ballot that designated the great American voters and after all kinds of legal or prohibited remedies, it is the American hospital which is making fun of African charity. After the system revealed, in 2000 and 2016, the divorce between American electoral arithmetic and popular vote, it is a significant movement of national opinion that questions the Constitution “We the people”, almost unchanged for 234 years . However, America of withdrawal into itself and unbridled fake news has no excuse for Africa’s democratic inexperience.

Split among the Republicans?

The Westerners considering that “something bad luck is good”, and the Africans adding that when “the canary breaks on your head, you have to take the opportunity to wash yourself”, the merit of this Trumpist standstill will perhaps be being to highlight the harmfulness of an ideology made of self-centered virilism, lack of compassion and more than approximate ethics.

Now that staunch Vice President Mike Pence is no longer opposed to the certification of Joe Biden’s victory, the Republican Party is beginning to introspect, frightened by the threat of a split. And any resemblance to an Ivorian Popular Front or a Nigerien MODEN / FA Lumana would be fortuitous …

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