CHSLD Herron: “I should have called [le 911] March 29 “

The CEO of the CIUSSS who called 911 to denounce the hecatomb at the private CHSLD Herron defended on Tuesday having waited more than 10 days after the intervention of her team on the scene to do so.

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Lynne McVey testified for a second time before coroner Géhane Kamel, about the 47 deaths that occurred at the private CHSLD Herron in the spring of 2020.

The senior manager of the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal called the police in the middle of the night, from April 10 to 11, because she had learned in the afternoon that there was no 13 , but 31 deaths.

However, his staff, sent in reinforcements by dozens since March 29, had probably never told him or compiled the hecatomb unfolding before their eyes.

That day, a journalist from the Gazette had also questioned the CIUSSS on the deaths and the aberrant conditions in which the residents found themselves.

The coroner also pointed out to Mme McVey that she did not blame him for this call, but rather the “timing».

“The timing looks funny. To be super honest, I think that call is made that night because a journalist is brewing during the day and you have to answer for that. It’s my impression, ”she said.

According to Deputy CEO Najia Hachimi-Idrissi, who testified before McVey on Tuesday, the communications firm Tact was also present during the call.

“I should have called [le 911] March 29, ”agreed McVey. It was at this time that its employees discovered a deserted CHSLD with soiled, dehydrated and starving residents.

Lynne McVey claims to have contacted the police because she wanted to shed light on what was happening in Herron.

The coroner, however, remained surprised that the three Herron doctors signing the death notices had never been called by the CIUSSS to obtain a count before April 10.

The leader of the CIUSSS also rejected any responsibility for the many deaths that occurred, while the CIUSSS had taken over the establishment, blaming the COVID-19 instead.

“It is the most devious virus I have had to deal with,” said Mme McVey.

For her part, Coroner Kamel repeated to senior management that there was nothing wrong with admitting “to have escaped”. Annoyed that the managers of the CIUSSS or Herron are passing the buck on to whom the fault must be attributed, Mme Kamel stressed that the residents were everyone’s responsibility.

But those words were not uttered by the CEO or the Deputy CEO.

The latter was also questioned at length about the number of employees sent by the CIUSSS to the CHSLD Herron.

Mme Hachimi-Idrissi stressed that despite a ministerial decree allowing employees to be moved, even against their will, the CIUSSS has relied on volunteering. However, shifts were still understaffed at Herron.

These testimonies put an end to the public hearings on the CHSLD Herron. Next month, the coroner will now look at the national aspect of pandemic management in CHSLDs.

According to Mme Kamel, the facts reported on the end-of-life conditions of the elderly “go beyond what is humanly acceptable in a society like ours.”


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