Chuancai Securities maintains the rating of Luzhou Laojiao Holding Overweight: Performance targets demonstrate determination, and equity incentive plan leads the company’s development | Daily Economic News

Every AI newsletter,Chuancai Securities issued a research report on September 27, maintaining the overweight rating of Luzhou Laojiao (000568.SZ, latest price: 205.04 yuan). The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) The incentive targets cover the core personnel, and the performance target demonstrates the company’s determination; 2) The operation is stable under the strategy of controlling the price of goods and the equity incentive plan leads the development. Risk warning: macroeconomic downside risks, food safety risks, and channel sales are less than expected.

Every Jing Toutiao (nbdtoutiao)——Private equity big V Ye Fei’s “suicidal” broke the news and was finally arrested! How to hide the big hole of pseudo “market value management”?

(Reporter Cai Ding)

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