Chubby cheeks, a scar on her chest: what Masha Konchalovskaya looks like now

2023-05-29 18:20:03

Marianna Veselovskaya

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Julia, Andrey and Egor Konchalovsky

23-year-old Maria Konchalovskaya has endured many hardships. For a long time, the heiress of the famous director and charming actress was afraid to appear in public.

Masha Konchalovskaya in her youth could not boast of a wasp waist or a perfect face. The daughter of Lyubov Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky grew up as a well-fed child, which did not affect her self-esteem in the best way. Fortunately, the example of a star mother turned out to be contagious for a charming brunette.

At some point, the girl managed to take herself into a tight rein and the result was not long in coming. From a cute donut, Maria turned into a slender beauty, whose appearance now causes only admiration and envy. Thanks to miraculous metamorphoses, the clever and beautiful woman is now moonlighting as a model. Once she even landed on the cover of a fashionable Italian magazine.

But the true vocation of Maria Konchalovskaya is still creativity. The girl not only draws pictures, but also creates sketches that are already in demand by clothing brands. For the sake of the next fashion show, the heiress of the eminent film dynasty is ready to make serious sacrifices, especially if she is invited as a fashion model. Not so long ago, Masha shocked the people with candid shots in which she willingly poses in flesh-colored underwear. At the same time, the excessive thinness of the favorite caught the eye of curious viewers.

Either Maria really paid attention to the criticism addressed to her, or she was simply tired of strict diets and constant physical activity. So, in her appearance suddenly there were positive changes. In her latest publication, the young lady struck with a refreshed look thanks to plump cheeks and shining eyes. Looking at the prettier pet, users suddenly noticed a scratch on her chest, which at first they mistook for a scar. Apparently, the mark on the body of the hostess was left by her beloved pets. It has long been no secret that Masha loves cats with passion.

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Photo source: Instagram, Dmitry Purtov/Russian Look

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