Churches set to give an income to those who have reduced hours and wages for care

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The same day that it is known that public debt is galloping at an unprecedented speed, the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias, has opened the door to launch a paid and interchangeable conciliation permit between men and women for those people who have reduced their working hours to take care of their children or dependent people in their care. Iglesias has said that the proposal of the Republican Esquerra of Catalonia in this direction “sounds good” to him.

During his participation in the government control session in the Senate, Iglesias has encouraged this measure to be taken to the Commission for Economic and Social Reconstruction created in Congress to debate proposals that accelerate the recovery of Spain after the coronavirus crisis. Iglesias has also insisted on the need to regulate telework so that the “connection is not permanent.”

Iglesias’ response was produced by a question from the spokesperson for Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya – EH Bildu, Mirella Cortés, who asked him about the solutions that the Government is going to propose for these families before the schools close, and who has assured that when the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, announced paid leave for care, he generated “great expectations” but now they have become “great frustration”. “Reducing the working day and the salary is unsustainable if they do not receive the part of the lost salary,” he asserted.

Iglesias has replied leaving the door open to this proposal, which could become a new pulse between his vice-presidency and the Social Security ministry after the push for the minimum income. “What you are asking me are enormously sensible questions,” Iglesias said. “When you cannot count on the coat of arms of grandparents, the care, in the end, falls on the mothers. When you have to telecommute with young children at home it is practically impossible to carry out your tasks. Of course, families who cannot afford to reduce their salary need more measures, “he said. .


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