Chyno Miranda is torn between life and death; family asks to pray for a miracle

In January of this year, rumors grew that Jesus “Chyno” Miranda was hospitalized in Venezuelaalthough no more was known about his state of health, it was his partner Nacho who worried his fans by asking them to They will pray for a miracle so that the singer managed to save himself.

In the most recent broadcast of “Gossip no Like” the hosts, Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, pointed out that Chyno Miranda is serious health to the extent that their relatives would have called a priest, something that those who are Catholic do when a person is in his last moments of life.

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The information on the show program would be confirmed by the statements of Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, full name of the singer Nacho, to a half venezuelan in which he asks fans to pray for Chyno’s health, although he did not give more details about it.

Health of “Chyno” Miranda

In July 2020 Jesús Miranda gave positive to Covid-19 and since then his health declined facing the aftermath of the virus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world, for this reason he had to be in therapy and faced a strong depression.

The coronavirus caused a peripheral neuropath for which he was paralyzed affecting his speech, being able to walk and other functions of his body. He also suffered from encephalitis for which the doctors had to induce a coma.

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Although it had been pointed out that the singer was in therapy, in September of last year he shared a statement on his social networks where he thanked the shows of support while reporting his absence on stage and in the spotlight for a while.

“I have had better days than others and controlling anxiety, vulnerability, fragility and what this entails has become a complex challenge to face (…) I will not give any kind of statement about it and I will be away from my social networks and from everything whatever prevents me from staying focused,” the statement read.


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