CIA warns ‘could be civilians’ seconds before US drone strike in Afghanistan – CNN

Residents gather around a vehicle in a residential area damaged by US drone strikes in Taliban-occupied Kabul, Afghanistan, on the 30th (local time). © AFP=News1 © News1 Reporter Dongmyung Woo

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warns that there may be civilians at the scene of the US drone strike on the Kabul airport in Afghanistan, it has been revealed.

According to CNN on the 18th (local time), the US military fired a Hellfire missile at a white vehicle believed to be related to the Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the 29th of last month. At the time, the CIA reported that shortly after the missile launch, the military had been warned that there could be civilians in the area.

Earlier, the US media reported that the suspect killed in the airstrike was not a terrorist, but Jemari Ahmadi, who worked for the American aid organization Nutrition and Education International (NEI).

CNN said the CIA’s warning was “too late” and that “the August 29 warning came seconds before the deaths of 10 civilians, including seven children.”

CNN said it was unclear whether the military informed intelligence services of the decision before pulling the trigger. He pointed out that information about the target is shared by intelligence agencies with the Ministry of National Defense in real time, but it is ultimately the decision of the ground forces commander to strike.

Earlier, according to foreign media such as the New York Times and Reuters, at a press conference with U.S. Central Commander Kenneth McKenzie, “10 civilians were ‘tragically’ killed last month in the process of removing two high-ranking officials from ‘IS Khorasan’.”

“The information about the vehicle we were targeting was wrong,” McKenzie, Central Command, said. “I made a mistake and I sincerely apologize.”

McKenzie, the commander of Central Command, at the time admitted that the U.S. intelligence service carried out the airstrike with “reasonable certainty,” but that it was “a tragic mistake.” However, the commander explained that the raid was not based on information from the Taliban.

CNN reported that “the military authorities misinterpreted Ahmadi’s movements, who had a normal day, due to clumsy clues, and thought that he was carrying a water bottle as a bombshell.”

Then he pointed out that it was most likely the propane gas tank behind the parked car that the Americans said that the bomb exploded in the trunk after the second explosion.

CNN reported that “military commanders were unaware of Ahmadi’s identity when they pursued him.” “Everything turned out to be a lie,” he said.

CNN, citing some sources, said miscommunication between the military and intelligence agencies is putting pressure on the Biden administration, which is weighing on how to conduct future attacks in Afghanistan, where there is no US military presence.

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