Cigarette: how to quit smoking on your own?

If, like many smokers, you want to quit smoking on your own, here are some tips and tricks to turn this trial into a lasting success…

Quit smoking without outside help a brave choice… but totally doable! Especially if you are one of the moderately addicted smokers to nicotine, you have every chance of winning your challenge… But for that, you must prepare well. Because quitting smoking cannot be improvised. You must have internalized your decision and, above all, clearly defined your motivations. The work done upstream remains very important, because it allows smokers who are trying to stop resisting temptation.

Equip yourself with the right tools

quit smoking alone does not necessarily mean having to do without any outside help. There are, in fact, many tools likely to facilitate even smoking cessation, which only lasts a few weeks. For it, nicotine substitutes, such as patches or chewing gum, represent for some an interesting alternative. There are also mobile applications to help candidates for quitting by giving them advice on a daily basis. This type of tool can be a lifesaver when you have an urge to to smoke ‒ or craving – which lasts only a few minutes. Navigate on his Smartphone can then be a way of take care of the mind. Other forms of help can also work: learning about quitting smoking, increase physical activityembarking on a new project… Everyone has their own method!

Receive support from loved ones

Quitting smoking on your own does not mean having to do without either. support from loved ones. This is even essential, because it can make it possible to resolve critical situations. Even before stopping, it is important to inform the members of your family and those around you about the project so that they can adapt their attitude themselves. A possible alternative: try the adventure alone, but during the “Month Without Tobacco” operation launched each November by Tobacco info service. This event is a kind of collective challenge aimed at supporting smokers in a process of quitting smoking. Because stop la cigarette for 30 days, it is to multiply by five its chances of quitting smoking definitively (1). And then it is possible at any time to seek help from a health professional specializing in the issue ‒ tobacco specialist, addictologist, psychologist ‒ since it is about win your fight against tobacco !

What drinks to quit smoking?

Drinking water regularly can help you smoke less. On the other hand, coffee and other alcohols are drinks to be avoided on the diet. smoking. These drinks are flavor enhancers to encourage you to to smoke even more. Here is a little ritual to do if you want to quit smoking:

  • Relax
  • Inhale and exhale
  • Drink a glass of water by substituting your first cigarette
  • Say no when the mood takes you
  • Do lots of physical activity
  • Stay focused on the reason that motivates you to quit smoking. And if there isn’t, find one.
  • Flee any tumultuous relationship that pushes you to reoffend

How to get sick of cigarettes?

Nicotine is a substitute recommended by the site Government Public Health. He recommends associating it with “lozenges at nicotine” or to “erasers, sprays”. When you manage to do a better dosage, you increase your urge to quit smoking permanently.

What are the first effects of quitting smoking?

After good weeks following your will not to touch a cigarette any more wherever it comes from, your blood oxygen level is starting to rise, which is a pretty good sign. In addition, your blood pressure also begins to drop. So what goes improve your blood circulation and your rhythm cardiac. Thus reducing, any risk of heart attack.

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