“CIMR Celebrates Strong Performance in 2022: Technical Provisions Up 5.6%, Operating Surplus of 4.04 Billion Dirhams”

2023-05-21 12:46:11

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The CIMR achieved good results in 2022. The operating surplus for the year, allocated to the contingency reserve, amounts to 4.04 billion dirhams. Technical provisions amounted to 77 billion dirhams, showing an increase of 5.6%. The difficult context and its impact on the stock market in 2022 affected net property income, which fell by 68.8%.

The Moroccan Interprofessional Pension Fund (CIMR) performed well in 2022. The complementary pension of the private sector thus recorded a balance of technical provisions (including the contingency reserve plus the mathematical provision relating to capitalization and benefits due and not paid) of 77.07 billion dirhams, up 5.6% over a year. The Caisse also earned a operating surplus of 4.04 billion dirhams against 5.9 billion in 2021. In 2022, the CIMR registered 510 new members for the benefit of 6,499 affiliates. However, the number of the latter decreased by 2.44%, reaching a total number of 716,382, broken down into active contributors, numbering 409,354, and beneficiaries, numbering 307,028. Thus, the number of active contributors increased by 4.98% compared to 2021. At the end of the past financial year, the total number of people who received a benefit from the CIMR reached a workforce of 197,970. .

CIMR’s provident fund projection remains in the green

In 2022, the Caisse’s net income from assets weighed 1.06 billion dirhams, down 68.8%. As a result, the CIMR portfolio is estimated, at the end of 2022, at 81.22 billion dirhams in market value. With regard to the sustainability of the regime, “the projection of the provident fund carried out as part of the actuarial report and which meets the two sustainability criteria set by the management charter, indicates that the fund is constantly positive over the projection period and the projection curve is ascending at the end of the projection period”, emphasizes Khalid Cheddadi, Chairman and CEO of the CIMR, who spoke at a press briefing to present the results and actuarial report of the Caisse, on May 19 in Casablanca. Similarly, adds the official, the CIMR respects the sustainability criteria set by Law 64-12 as well as by the Circular of the President of theACAPS (Authority for the control of insurance and social security) of 4 March 2019 on the control of private pension organizations. Note that the results of the actuarial report have been certified by the independent actuarial firm Deloitte Consulting.

In line with its policy of modernizing and diversifying its communication channels, the CIMR claims to have once again strengthened its footprint as a dynamic and modern fund in 2022. The institution has thus launched its new mobile application “MyCIMR», a platform designed to improve communication with Caisse affiliates, allowing them to consult their personal account and remotely manage their operations. The Fund also claims to have equipped its portal www.cimr.ma with a new functionality intended to guarantee a “better” reception at the level of its regional branches.

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