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Movie theater sales in Colombia registered a 98 percent annual drop between March 15 and December 31, a period in which restrictions began due to the covid-19 pandemic, which has strongly affected associated businesses to mass shows.

According to figures from the sector, compiled by the Cadbox firm and shared on Twitter by the manager of Cine Colombia, Munir Falah, in that period of confinement as of December 31st. the registers only marked the income of 9,357 million pesos, for a 98.2 percent collapse compared to the 537,321 million pesos sold in the same period of 2019.

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With this, the sector In all of 2020 it had revenues of just 118,709 million pesos, a figure that was made during the first two months and in the middle of March, before starting the measures to contain the pandemic.

Compared to last year’s box office sales, to which must be added the income that was no longer received from the commercialization of food, the decrease in the year was 82 percent, since during 2019 the sector had total sales of 652,572 million pesos, according to data shared by the manager.

Even while some companies began to gradually reopen since November with established protocols, Cine Colombia confirmed that it will not reopen its cinemas in the country during the first two months of the year.

“For now I confirm that it will not be in this first two months,” said Falah, also pointing out that it is difficult to define a date so far in advance. “This virus is erratic, and it is necessary to evaluate the situation day by day,” he added.

Number of spectators, plummeting

In Colombia, the number of films released in 2020 was 109, 71 percent less than the 371 films projected on the screens during 2019.

Meanwhile, the number of viewers in theaters fell by about 83 percent during 2020, from 73.1 million people in 2019 (the best year since 2016) to 12.6 million viewers.

Since the closures began due to the pandemic and after the reopening of some movie theaters in November, they only attended 808,819 people between March 15 and December 31, against 59.7 million in the same period of 2019.


As indicated by the data, the drop in box office sales of local cinemas was similar to those observed in the United States, a country where, according to information consolidated by the firms MPAA and Box Office Mojo, income from this concept Last year they added 2,085 million dollars, a figure that implied a decrease of 81.7 percent compared to the 11,400 million dollars registered during 2019.

In the cinemas of the American Union, the number of people who went to see a movie went from 1.24 billion in 2019 to 228 million during the year that just ended.

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