Cinema classics: the ten most beautiful Christmas films in a quick test

Indeed … love

IIn the weeks leading up to Christmas everyone begins to yearn for a love, bed or life partner. Testosterone-plagued spas, secretaries, porn light doubles, even the British Prime Minister.

Handing out Christmas Presents: Not for everyone. Some get kisses, others just a Joni Mitchell CD. The premier, played by Hugh Grant, but a first lady (Martine McCutcheon) at the nativity play.

Good news: Love is more important than all consumption.

For whom would you rather not? Politically wide awake even at Christmas, people who do not allow their thinking to be obscured by kitch romance could be bothered by the fact that stalkers and cowards find a lot of understanding in Richard Curtis’ Christmas RomCom from 2003.

Lockdown eligibility: It’s probably not bad at all to be shown that reducing contact can save you a lot of problems.

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Richard Attenborough and Mara Wilson in “The Miracle of Manhattan” from 1994

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The miracle of Manhattan

Santa Claus has to prove in a New York court that he is indeed Santa Claus. He succeeds by sending the judge a dollar bill.

Handing out Christmas Presents: In the end, everyone loves each other and Santa Claus especially. And the little sister gets a little brother.

Good news: Believe in the rates that are on the dollar.

For whom would you rather not? Cynics, frumpy, stressed parents – so the normal people.

Lockdown eligibility: Escapism is always good.

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WS Ku Christmas films 12122020 BAD SANTA [US 2003] BILLY BOB THORNTON Date: 2003 (Mary Evans Picture Library) ||  For editorial use only

Billy Bob Thornton in “Bad Santa” from 2003

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Bad Santa

Santa Claus in this film (brilliant performance by Billy Bob Thornton) is a sex addict, criminal alcoholic, who insults the children who come to him and, after work, robs the department stores that have employed him together with his elf buddy. Then he meets a bullied boy and turns around halfway.

Handing out Christmas Presents: There are actually women with a Santa Claus fetish that they want to live out immediately in the car.

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Christmas Gift Ideas Books From top left clockwise: Simon Raven, Almosen fürs Vergessen, Elfenbein Verlag;  Women see women, Schirmer / Mosel;  Marie-Claire Blas: Three nights, three days, Suhrkamp;  Luisa Banki and Kathrin Wittler.  Reading and gender in the 18th century, Wallstein;  Xaver Bayer: Stories with Marianne.  Young and young .;  Heike Behrend Incarnation of a Monkey An autobiography of ethnographic research.  Matthes & Seitz, Berlin;  Rafael Horzon, The New Book, Suhrkamp;  James McBride: The Miracle of St. Anna.  Berlin Publishing House;  Ottessa Moshfegh, Death in her hands (Penguin);  Axel Schildt, media intellectual in the Federal Republic, Wallstein

Good news: In the 98 minutes of this film, “fuck” has been said 173 times, and each time it is very justified.

For whom would you rather not? Members of the German Language Association.

Lockdown eligibility: It’s a lot easier that there is someone who curses a lot more often than you do at Christmas.

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WS Ku Weihnachtsfilme American actors James Stewart (1908 - 1997) as George Bailey, and Donna Reed (1921 - 1986) as Mary Hatch Bailey in a promotional still from 'It's A Wonderful Life', directed by Frank Capra, 1946. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

James Stewart and Donna Reed in Frank Capra’s “Isn’t Life Beautiful?” (1946)

Quelle: Getty Images

The life is wonderful, is not it?

In this classic from 1946, a good man, who has been crooked all his life and put his own needs aside, loses his courage to face life at Christmas because a maneuver by his worst competitor suspects him to be a cheat. Imprisonment threatens, he wants to jump. Then two angels take care of him. He wants to face fate, but the neighbors save him with an injection of money.

Good news: If you believe in the good, the good will not forget you.

For whom would you rather not? People for whom too much optimism spoils their mood.

Lockdown eligibility: You understand that you should never give up hope. Perhaps the corona emergency aid will eventually reach your own account.

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“Loriot: Christmas at Hoppenstedts” was originally created in 1978 and was re-released in 1997

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Christmas at Hoppenstedts

Grandpa still needs presents for the grandson, gets advice in the department store and finally packs the model kit of a nuclear power plant. All sorts of representatives turn up at Mama who want to give Christmas presents shortly before they come. On Christmas Eve, Papa only gets ties for free again.

Handing out Christmas Presents: Everything is just as it should be for Christmas. The family is gathered, the presents are disappointing, and Christmas carols are sung.

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Good news: It will all be over in a few days.

For whom would you rather not? All people who didn’t want to miss Christmas with their loved ones after all.

Lockdown eligibility: Anyone who looks at Loriot’s legendary Christmas sketches from 1978 will be deeply grateful for the online trade and pandemic-related contact reductions.

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Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in “Love Doesn’t Have a Vacation” from 2006

Quelle: picture-alliance/ dpa

Love doesn’t need a vacation

Two Lonely Hearts from England and California, both tired of the men, swap houses over the holidays. As if by magic, everything suddenly becomes all right in their new surroundings.

Handing out Christmas Presents: Out of the blue. Analog coincidences are better than matching algorithms.

Good news: Even in 2020 after the birth of Christ, giving a hostel to someone who currently has no shelter is an idea where hearts can recover.

For whom would you rather not? People with non-heteronormative mating behavior occasionally experience Nancy Meyers’ 2006 comedy as tormenting couple propaganda.

Lockdown eligibility: Inspired for post-pandemic times: be sure to register in a home exchange platform!

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WS Ku Christmas films 12122020 How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Hund Max, Grinch (Jim Carrey) Director: Ron Howard, DIGITAL ONLY

Jim Carrey as Grinch in the 2000 film

Quelle: picture alliance

Der Grinch

A green hairy man (Jim Carrey) hates Christmas because of a childhood trauma and wants to spoil it for all the overjoyed Whoville residents by stealing Christmas presents from them. Then it will be thawed after all.

Handing out Christmas Presents: The tears of emotion when the stubborn old rascal turns into a nice person.

Good news: Inclusion is hard work, but it pays off.

For whom would you rather not? More realistic minds may find Carrey’s game a bit outrated.

Lockdown eligibility: Except for the conciliatory end, a nice celebration of grumpiness

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Macaulay Culkin in Kevin Home Alone from 1990

Quelle: picture alliance/dpa/Disney+

Kevin home alone

An eight-year-old boy from Chicago is forgotten at home for Christmas by his vacationing family and has to put nasty burglars on the run.

Handing out Christmas Presents: Finally being able to do what you want without being constantly chattered into it.

Good news: You grow with your tasks.

For whom would you rather not? Family reunification supporters and child haters.

Lockdown eligibility: Christmas home alone isn’t that bad.

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WS Ku Christmas Films 12122020 THE HARD, Bruce Willis, 1988, TM & Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film corp./courtesy Everett collection

Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” from 1988

Quelle: picture alliance / Everett Collection

Die Hard

New York cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) flies to Los Angeles to spend Christmas Eve with his wife, who has moved because of her career. Unfortunately, the Christmas party at their company where they meet is stormed by criminals. And McClane now has to free a lot of hostages all by himself.

Handing out Christmas Presents: The looks you get when you’ve scared off the bad guys shine brighter than any Christmas tree.

Good news: You have to dig yourself into it when your neighbor is worth something.

For whom would you rather not? Peaceful Christmass look different.

Lockdown eligibility: The film helps to forget the pain of the unusual Christmas parties.

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WS Ku Christmas films 12122020 Film scene Film, television, cinema, cartoons, animation Director: Robert Zemeckis aka.  The Polar Express / DER POLAREXPRESS USA 2004

Robert Zemeckis’ “The Polar Express” (2004)

Quelle: picture alliance / United Archives

The polar express

In this cartoon, a clever boy no longer wants to believe in Santa Claus. He has him picked up by the polar express to the North Pole. With great effort they make it to their destination in good time before the gifts are delivered.

Handing out Christmas Presents: Everyone gets something. Although Santa Claus is challenged much more blatantly than DHL.

Good news: Miracles are happening from time to time.

For whom would you rather not? Enlightened cunning who don’t believe in old white men.

Lockdown eligibility: When, if not in lockdown, should you watch children’s fairy tales?

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