CINEMA: Monster Hunter, a first teaser trailer shooting live bullets on the license …

If we tell you Monster Hunter, you will immediately think of intense hunting parties against gigantic creatures using equipment such as a sword or a rifle bow, as in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne who comes from receive their latest content update. The small world of Hollywood obviously does not care lore or all that the saga represents, since its film adaptation brings out the heavy artillery for its first video preview since the ComicCon Russia.

While the visuals released at the start of the year showed us the characters played by Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa armed with traditional equipment, reassuring a little about the project, these few seconds go completely against the grain. Indeed, the military unit of Lieutenant Artemis will find herself transported to another world following a sandstorm, and will therefore cross Black Diablos, which she will face with a large shot of rotating cannon and other firearms … Obviously, it will do nothing to the creature and the Hunter they will meet later will teach them how to survive, he who is part of a team led by theAdmiral (Ron Perlman).

You have to believe that Sony Pictures, Constantin Film and Paul WS Anderson are confident in their feature film, because if he was due to see the light of day early next year, it is now scheduled for the month of December.

Come on, rest assured, the year 2021 will bring two new games to make you forget this movie with Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin sur Switch. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is sold € 35.99 on Gamesplanet.

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