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JAKARTA, – Floods hit the capital again. One of the flood-prone areas, namely Cipinang Melayu, East Jakarta was also affected.

However, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan claimed the area was flood-free, who carried out an inspection at the Cipinang Melayu Sunter River on February 9.

In fact, Anies had time to boast about this by uploading a video on his Instagram account @aniesbaswedan.

In the video, Ali Khalid, a community leader in RW 04 Cipinang Melayu, admits that he is grateful that his area will not be flooded when the rainy season arrives.

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Ali thanked the ranks of the DKI Provincial Government who have worked hard in handling flood in Cipinang Melayu. He also hopes that the mud-raiding program which has succeeded in preventing flooding in Cipinang Melayu can continue.

The head of RW 04 Cipinang Melayu, Irwan Kurniadi, has a similar opinion. He said Cipinang Melayu was a flood-prone area due to the swift flow of water from the upstream since 25 years ago. If water from the Bogor-Depok area arrives, Cipinang Melayu will be submerged in water.

After continuing to coordinate with the village head, the sub-district head to the governor, said Irwan, finally the Sunter Hulu section was successfully repaired by dredging.

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When the video was recorded, Anies was seen visiting the area with several officials from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

Anies said that RW 04 is regularly flooded during the rainy season every year. Even electric poles at that location are marked with a height of up to 2.5 meters. Anies then asked residents how high the floods were in 2020.

“Last year (the flood) reached 3 meters,” said Anies, repeating the residents’ answers. Teresa The atmosphere of the mosque at Borobudur University, which was used as a place for refugees of Cipinang Melayu residents who were affected by the flood, on Saturday (20/2/2021)

Anies said the area was not flooded because the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government had dredged two reservoirs in East Jakarta.

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The water from the upstream is then collected in the reservoir and flowed in a controlled volume. Apart from dredging the reservoir, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has also carried out a number of flood management programs such as mud raids, cleaning of culverts, to construction of vertical wells.

“Today we see the results,” said Anies.

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The flood hit again

However, this claim of success vanished after the flood again inundated the Cipinang Melayu area on Tuesday (16/2/2021).

The floodwaters are RT 09 and RT 11 in RW 02 and RT 01 in RT 03. The water level ranges from 20 to 80 centimeters.

One resident named Muchtar said the water began to rise after heavy rains flushed Jakarta and its surroundings. The water level even reached one meter.

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Muhtar also mentioned that there is a problem with drainage that prevents water from flowing optimally.

However, Head of Cipinang Melayu Urban Village, Agus Sulaeman, said that the flood spot on Tuesday (16/2/2021) was different from the location of the flood that Anies reviewed on 9 February.

On Tuesday, the areas that were flooded were RW 02 and RW 03, Cipinang Melayu Urban Village. Meanwhile, the area that was free from flooding in Anies’s statement was RW 04, Cipinang Melayu Urban Village.

“Cipinang Melayu has three flood points, the first is PHB Sulaeman, the second is the Sunter River, and the third is the Cikampek toll road which is at the end near Jatiwaringin,” said Agus.

Agus explained that two RWs, RW 02 and RW 03, were still flooded when it rained heavily because they were in the Sulaeman connecting line (PHB).

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The water discharge in the Sulaeman PHB route depends on the flow from the Halim Perdanakusuma Reservoir in the Halim Pernadakusuma Air Base area. Meanwhile, RW 04, Cipinang Melayu Urban Village is on the Sunter River.

Flood again

However, the water then inundated the area again on Thursday (18/2/2021) due to the overflowing channel (PHB) of Sulaeman.

The flood still persisted the day after until Saturday (20/2/2021). A KompasTV reporter reported that the puddle in the area had actually receded by 50 centimeters on Friday night.

However, the water rose again after the heavy rains that flushed since early Saturday morning. The water level even reached 2-4 meters on Saturday morning at RW 04 Cipinang Melayu, which was claimed to be free from flooding.

Then the water level reached 3 meters in RW 04 on Saturday night. Secretary of RW 004 Eko Aryanto said, in RW 04 at least 2,321 residents were affected by the flood. Of these, there are 179 elderly people, 110 toddlers and 91 toddlers.

“The worst is now one to three meters. At RT 01, 02, 03, 04, 07,” said Eko, Saturday night.

The water level on Sunday (21/2/2021) morning fell. Based on the observation of Kompas TV journalist Alfania Rizky, several residents returned to their homes to clean up the remains of the flood.

The flood, which had touched a height of up to 4 meters, is now starting to recede. Even though it has receded, the water level still reaches 1.5 meters.

The cause of flooding in Cipinang Melayu

Acting Head of the DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency Sabdo Kurnianto said the Cipinang Melayu area in East Jakarta was flooded due to high rainfall.

“Because it was predicted based on data from the field, from BMKG, today until February 20 (2021) it was extreme rain. It was proven that last night the rain was above the average, namely 160 mm per day, above 150,” said Sabdo. Cipinang Melayu, Friday (19/2/2021).

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Meanwhile, according to City Planning Observer Yayat Supriatna, the Cipinang Melayu area is always flooded because the topography or land conditions in the area are lower than the surrounding area.

This causes Cipinang Melayu to be prone to flooding when heavy rains flush Jakarta. Yayat even thinks that Cipinang Melayu is not suitable as a place to live.

“Cipinang Melayu is very low. Near the Cipinang river, then it (the surrounding area) is quite high, almost 4 meters,” Yayat explained as quoted by Tribunnews.

Not only Cipinang Melayu

Not only Cipinang Melayu which was hit by floods this week, several other areas were also flooded.

Responding to this incident, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan stated that the floods that hit a number of locations in Jakarta were the result of water sent from Depok, West Java which entered Jakarta via Krukut River.

Anies stated that the cause of the flooding on the side of Jalan Sudirman was due to the overflow from Krukut River. The Krukut River stream also overflows on Jalan Kemang Raya, Jalan Widya Chandra, and Jalan Tendean.

According to Anies, Krukut River is overflowing due to additional water discharge from local rain from the Depok area, West Java.

He explained, the rainfall in the upstream reaches up to 136 millimeters per day. The water then passes through two directions of the river, namely Kali Mampang and Kali Krukut. The two waterways converge behind LIPI and then flow into Jalan Sudirman.

“So now this is the impact of water sent from the central area around Depok. Usually if it rains in the mountains (Bogor area) the water will pass through the Ciliwung River, but if there is heavy rain in the central area (around Depok) then it passes to the middle stream, namely this Krukut time, “said Anies.


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