News Citizen critics see the party model as "disappointing"

Citizen critics see the party model as “disappointing”


The few critical members of the General Council of Citizens (Cs) – maximum body between assemblies – are working since Saturday in the drafting of amendments to the new Statutes. For now, they are “disappointing” and do not appreciate “any substantial change” that moves towards the end of verticality in the game.

The critics, in the line that Francisco Igea defends, bet to give more power to the militancy and the territories, in front of an Executive, until now, «almighty». On November 30, in a General Council with more than a hundred members, there were only five votes against and six abstentions in the approval of the current composition of the Manager, who directs Cs until March.

One of the directors who opposed the list of names that make up the Manager, in conversation with ABC, criticizes that the presentation of the Statutes does not give rise to “plurality.” The proposal approved by the Statutes Commission – an organ under the General Council, with three members of the Manager in its ranks – includes the creation of a Territorial Coordination Council as its main novelty. A conclave in which territorial leaders may meet with the president of the party, but whose resolutions will not be binding.

That is, the territories will continue to have no decision-making power and will depend directly on the designs of the Executive Committee. “A hermetic Executive” and “without counterweights”, the critics lament; They have little hope in their amendments. You can register them until tomorrow at 11:45 p.m., and they will be discussed on Saturday the 25th at the General Council.

Afterwards, the strategic and statutory presentations will go to the hands of the affiliates, in which there is a real possibility of change in the V General Assembly on March 14 and 15.

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Critics consulted by this newspaper do approve the strategic presentation, very similar to that approved in 2017, but remember that the absence of counterweights allowed the Executive Committee to unanimously and unilaterally approve the veto to Pedro Sánchez in February last year.

Upset with the shapes
The viability of a placid and consensual congress seemed to vanish definitively the day before yesterday when Igea, in “The North of Castile,” labeled the new statutes as “Leninists.” “Talking about the lack of democracy is a daring and lacking the truth,” the spokeswoman for the Manager, Melisa Rodríguez, who invited the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León to reread the paper.

Last week, Igea threatened to present an alternative candidacy to that of Inés Arrimadas if she does not commit to modifying the party model so that the affiliates vote for their regional leaders. The hardness employed, however, surprised the Manager. Rodríguez recalled that the approved paper will undergo a double process of amendments – first counselors, then affiliates – and demanded that Igea be “constructive” and present the amendments it deems appropriate.

Along the same lines, other sources of the Manager pointed out that the same one that baptizes as “Leninists” these Statutes approved in 2017 other very similar ones. Who has an alternative model, challenge, to defend it before the affiliates. .


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