Citizens ask Brussels to stop the reform of the Judiciary promoted by the Government

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The group of Citizens in the European Parliament has asked the European Commission to “stop” the reform promoted by the Government to limit the powers of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) as long as it is not renewed.

In a letter the MEP Love Pagazaurtundua addresses the head of the European Executive, Ursula von der Leyen, to act on the idea of ​​processing for the emergency procedure reform to limit the functions of the governing body of judges.

The procedure will be carried out, therefore, without having the opinion of the judges or the Venice Commission, the ‘orange’ MEP insisted. “The refusal to listen to the position of the CGPJ or the Venice commission not only shows the dangerous drift that the coalition government is taking, but also the intention to progressively inoculate fear of the judicial body,” he warned.

Pagazaurtundúa explains to Brussels that the “counter Reformation“that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez intends to carry out,” weakens the separation of powers, generates mistrust in the citizen and damages the image of justice in Spain. “

A few months ago, Brussels already warned the Government of Spain that any reform of the CGPJ it must be consulted with the opposition and bodies such as the Venice Commission and he insisted that, in no case, judicial independence should be compromised.

Report the situation of Iglesias

The letter details the judicial situation of the second vice president and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, to add that the reform is a maneuver with the intention of protect you from your judicial horizon.

“The various open court cases that are closing in on the vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias suggest that the strategy of distancing the judiciary from decision-making also seeks to protect itself “, he pointed out.

Pagazaurtundua has added that Justice studies the death threats against Judge Manuel García-Castellón when he asked the Supreme Court to investigate Iglesias, and recalled the “signs of contempt” for judges by members of Podemos.

Finally, in a parliamentary question that accompanies the letter, Ciudadanos indicates to the Commission whether it will include this case in the annual report on the situation of the rule of law in Spain.

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