Citlalli Hernández calls to vote for Morena; INE counselor rebukes her

After the licensed senator, Citlalli Hernández, will call for a mass vote in favor of Morena in Hidalgo and Coahuila, where today i know they hold local elections, the counselor of the National Electoral Institute (OTHER), Ciro Murayama, accused her of violating the electoral law.

Through its twitter account Counselor Murayama responded to a publication by Morena’s aspiring secretary general who warned that she may be punished for violating the law in full electoral journey.

“Senator @CitlaHM: you are breaking the law because calls cannot be made to vote on election day. The campaigns ended on Wednesday. The OPLEs of Coahuila and HidalgoAs they are local elections, they must open the corresponding sanctioning procedures, ”the official wrote.

“The trends #VotoMasivoPorMorena, #NiUnVotoAMORENA or #NiUnVotoAlPRIAN reflect the democratic subculture.

“The campaigns to ask for the vote or disqualify the adversary are over. Despite this, the citizens decide: in Coahuila and Hidalgo today they vote in secret and freedom ”.

After receiving the counselor’s warning, Hernández Mora indicated that he made the publication to citizen title, which will eliminate it and took the opportunity to accuse vote buying in Hidalgo.

“Counselor @CiroMurayamaINE, I have not been a Senator for a month; As you know, formally neither Secretary General of my party. My tweet is for the citizen. In order not to give a pretext for anything, I delete it.

“It’s good that they are on the lookout because in Hidalgo there is vote buying,” he said.

Instead, Ciro Murayama She specified to the official that the fact of being a licensed senator does not exempt her from complying with the law since it is mandatory for everyone.

“Well, if you are a licensed senator, @CitlaHM, that does not exempt you from complying with the law. No one, no person can make calls to vote today, on election day. The law does not comply with contentillo: it obliges us all ”, he emphasized.

As announced on the social network, Citlalli Hernández deleted the tweet in which he called for a massive vote in favor of Morena.



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