Citroën Ami and Opel Rocks-e: electric mini cars for the city

Citroën Ami and Opel Rocks-e
Small electric cars: traffic risk or environmentally friendly companion in the city?

Due to its low speed, young people aged 15 and over are allowed to sit behind the wheel at Opels Rocks-e

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After Citroën’s Ami, Opel will also be launching a small electric car in the fall. The Rocks-e, however, has a top speed of only 45 kilometers per hour and can therefore not be used on motorways in the city.

Opel wants to shape the inner city traffic of the future with an electric micro-mobile. But even if it looks appealing, it is doubtful whether it will get a real market opportunity. This is not only due to the manageable electric range of 75 kilometers until the Rubik’s Cube has to be reloaded, but especially to the unrealistic top speed of 45 km / h. What is just acceptable for a city scooter may not be a good thing for the Opel Rocks-e – because the always cool Rubik’s Cube is a real traffic obstacle in city traffic.

Citroën Ami drives a maximum of 45 kilometers per hour

Like the Citroën Ami, there is manageable space in a small space for at least two adults, doors that open in opposite directions and a charging option at the household socket. A full charge takes three and a half hours. But like its French twin, the shortest Opel in the current model range, at 2.41 meters, is likely to cost around 7,000 euros. Quite a lot for a car that, with its speed limit of 45 km / h, has no place even on city streets and has to take detours. A monthly fee – this is 20 euros for Citroën Ami – should be the better choice. The too early reduction to 45 km / h has less to do with the electric motor, which only has 6 kW / 8 hp, but with its classification in the AM driving license class, which allows young people from 15 years to drive.

There is no air conditioning, as this would suck too much juice from the 5.5 kilowatt-hour battery. The Ami can travel up to 75 kilometers with fully charged batteries and consumes 119 Wh / km. Folding windows provide ventilation in summer. The fact that the doors open in opposite directions is a fun detail, as is the fact that the overhangs and the whole car are symmetrical.

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