Citroën C4 – See you on Monday 23 November for the first images of the test.

The more time passes, the more Citroën offers vehicles that are different from the competition. A bias that seems to be paying off as evidenced by the interesting sales figures of the city car, the C3 but also of the C5 Aircross SUV, which have met with great success.

The French brand therefore continues its momentum with the new generation of C4, which marks the return of Citroën in the compact segment. True to its recent trend, this new model is radically different from the competition with lines halfway between sedan, SUV and compact SUV. Stylistically, this new C4 takes up the new visual identity inaugurated on the restyling of the C3. The projectors are still on two floors but the rafters now separate in a V at the ends. The rear part is the most astonishing with a very large black band, a spoiler, all integrating lights starting in V. With a length of 4.36 m, the C4 displays a profile close to the mythical GS which celebrates its 50th anniversary with a pronounced flag drop in line with the profile.

Inside, there is a sleek dashboard. Immediately, we notice the reduced size of the instrumentation which measures 5 inches while the head-up display measures for its part 7 inches. The multimedia screen reaches 10 inches. Among the novelties, it should also be noted that Citroën is backtracking on all digital with a return to physical air conditioning controls.

Under the hood, this new C4 will offer a wide range of engines with three petrol (100, 130 and 155 hp) two diesel (110 and 130 hp) and a 100% electric version using the mechanics of the e-208 or e-2008.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Monday 23 November for the first images of the Citroën C4 test which will take place in the Paris region at the wheel of a Puretech 130 hp.

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