City-famous cat Einstein surrounds after a break-in

Ob has he used the time and nibbled on cat food? At least Darmstadt’s “city cat” Einstein has chosen a very pleasant place where he was apparently accidentally locked in on Tuesday evening. As the police announced on Wednesday, the well-known Norwegian forest tomcat was found in an already closed supermarket in the evening. The animal had previously set off a burglar alarm in the shop.

According to the officials, they had to move to downtown Ludwigstrasse at around 9:40 p.m. A caller answered because of an acoustic alarm that seemed to come from the local grocery store. The officers who had moved there initially assumed a break-in and then searched the shop. Near the cash registers, the police officers who had a service dog with them were not met by a burglar, but by a fluffy trapped person: the cat Einstein. The animal probably went undetected after the shop closed at 9 p.m. and had missed the last opportunity to leave the rooms. As it roamed through the empty corridors, it must have triggered the motion alarm. After the cat was “surrounded” by the police, he patiently posed for a photo as evidence. “After a short crawl, Einstein had to leave the supermarket,” it concluded. The police dog ignored the hangover during the entire action, a spokesman said.

The cat Einstein is known in the city, the city and the pedestrian zone are his territory. There he regularly visits flower shops, pubs, cafes and other shops, lets himself be petted and photographed. A Facebook group founded by fans of the trusting cat now has more than 5000 members who post pictures of his forays and take care of him. After he was “taken away” by strangers last year, word of this immediately got around in the group. The cat’s disappearance of several days a few weeks ago also did not go undetected. After an extensive public search, Einstein had finally returned to his home surprisingly – well fed and well-groomed. It is not known where he was to date. Hopefully the cat will at least not follow the prompt at the exit door of the shop in which he was now locked: “See you soon” is written there.


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