City of Lévis open to postponing first merchant tax payments

The decision is not yet official, but everything indicates that the City of Lévis is willing to give a boost to traders whose incomes have fallen dramatically due to the curfew and health measures.

Gilles Lehouillier, Mayor of Lévis

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Gilles Lehouillier, Mayor of Lévis

«We have leeway to help our taxpayers and we will do it, that’s clear“, Suggests Mayor Gilles Lehouillier.

The City still has a little time to decide on the relief that will be offered since the first payment of taxes for 2021 is not due until March 2.

Go to “maximum”

The mayor promises to go “to the maximum Of what the City can do. “We will do the math this week and, at the beginning of next week, announce things on this.»

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He recalls in passing that the City of Lévis is the only one in Quebec to already offer the monthly payment of property taxes over 12 months, without fees or interest. In the spring, the City had allowed merchants to delay their payments until May by assuming the interest itself.

According to Gilles Lehouillier, it is possible to consider the same type of measures this year since the financial impact would not be enormous.

Imminent announcement

As for the third link project to connect Quebec and Lévis, Mayor Lehouillier expects an announcement “imminentFrom the Quebec government.

Although this announcement has been postponed for about a year now, the mayor of Lévis is convinced that the Legault government will move forward as much with the 3rd link project, an electoral commitment, as with the tramway project in Quebec.

«If you want my point of view, I think the government is making sure the project is going to be very well put together“, He advances to justify the delays.

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