City ramps up contact tracing


Because of the currently increasing number of CoV infections, the city wants to increase contact tracing again. Therefore, new employees are currently being sought. The city offers fixed-term service contracts.

In the course of the omicron wave with many positive cases in January, some federal states have largely stopped or restricted their contact tracing. At that time, Vienna also “focused” contact tracing on certain groups – more on this in

The office for immediate measures and the city service for tracing chains of infection currently have 180 people on duty. Because of the increasing number of infections, the city’s crisis management team wants to increase contact tracing in order to “be prepared”, a spokesman for the group for immediate measures told Radio Vienna. Around 120 new employees are now being sought for this purpose. In total, one wants to come to around 300 contact tracers.

Contract limited to a maximum of ten months

Requirements for the full-time job are good spelling skills in German and very good computer skills in MS Office. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is also desirable. The city offers a fixed-term employment contract for a maximum of ten months. After a two-month break, the employment relationship can be extended again if necessary. The enrollment takes about five working days.

The gross monthly salary is at least 1,900 euros. The city says it is very likely that additional overtime will be worked. These would then be paid extra. In addition to the office for immediate measures and the city service, the city’s health service (MA 15) also takes care of contact tracing, for example in hospitals or care facilities.

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