Ciudad Victoria official suffers heart attack at cabinet meeting; dies when arriving at a hospital

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- When he was in a municipal cabinet meeting, in the Cabildo room, the Secretary of Public Works of the Victoria City Council, Federico Julián Bonilla López, suffered a heart attack and then he passed away when he was transferred to the General Hospital.

All municipal officials headed by the mayor participated in the meeting that was held this Monday morning. Eduardo Gattás.

The secretary of the City Council, Hugo Reséndiz Silva, reported that it was precisely the mayor who detected that started to feel bad, “Because of the closeness he had to the place.”

He explained that security personnel with first aid knowledge were the ones who stabilized Bonilla, “Transferring him to the General Hospital and when he got there the death of the official was certified.”

He affirmed that this happened when Bonilla had delivered his work report, “which marked his commitment to this government and the citizens.”

Reséndiz expressed that Mayor Eduardo Gattás and the Republican City Council of Victoria mourn the death of Federico Bonilla López, showing solidarity with his family and providing the support that the case requires.

Bonilla, who he was 58 years old, He took office on October 1, together with the current municipal administration.

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