News Clara Luquero: «We demand solidarity with territories that are...

Clara Luquero: «We demand solidarity with territories that are experiencing a critical moment»


As every morning, the Mayor of Segovia, Clara Luquero (PSOE), goes to the Town Hall to the coordination meeting between the administrations: «I think that nothing else can be done, it would be irresponsible, a lack of ethics and citizens do not they would never understand.

It also has its own crisis cabinet at the local level to try to “implement” measures to curb the impact of the coronavirus, especially “dumped” in the elderly.

How are you living this situation?

With real concern and, sometimes, with strokes of sadness, and at the same time, trying to react and solve as much as we can.

How would you describe the situation in Segovia, one of the provinces with the highest incidence rate?

We have been demanding that the media, especially professionals, be mobilized towards Segovia and Soria, the two territories with the highest percentage incidence, which live in a more critical moment and, then, where necessary. We are demanding that solidarity within the territory and, later, if necessary, inter-territorial. Whoever manages public resources in terms of health has to carry out a rationalization exercise, which is not easy, to alleviate the situation.

How does it feel to see that field hospital installed and unable to use it?

He had to be gifted for foresight. I understand that the Government of Spain has set it up, because it has been the Army, since now the endowment corresponds to whoever manages health, which is the communities. Here there are clearly competences of each other.

What do you attribute the high incidence rate in Segovia?

Undoubtedly, the connection with Madrid.

Was the connection to Madrid cut off too late?

No. I think that the measures have been guided at all times by the advice and advice of scientists and epidemiologists. It is true that we saw what was happening in China and later in Italy, but, of course, until there is an incidence, the economy of a country cannot be paralyzed if you do not have health data that is endorsing you.

Speaking of economy, Segovia lives a lot from tourism …

That is going to be tremendous. We are already preparing a crash plan for the tourism sector.

From his statements and those of the mayor of Soria, it seems that they attribute a little more to the management of the Board the responsibility …

The first thing I have to say is that all the administrations are collaborating, but that does not limit the ability of two mayors to speak out and say “please mobilize health resources.” .



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