Classes are at a standstill at primary school 16 in Schaerbeek: a cluster has been identified among teachers

The 16 Schaerbeek primary school sees its classes suspended because of a cluster identified among the teachers, who must therefore be tested and respected a fortnight, announced Wednesday at the end of the day the office of the mayor acting Cécile Jodogne . A daycare system was put in place Thursday and Friday for students still allowed to go to school. The town is looking for a solution for Monday.

The municipal organizing authority has counted in the last 7 days 5 cases of Covid-19 within the teaching team of school 16 as well as 2 other members of this team who are symptomatic but not yet confirmed positive. Of the 20 classes in the establishment, the 5 classes in contact with the positive teachers had already been placed in fourteen, in accordance with health procedures.

Cécile Jodogne contacted Cocom (Common Community Community) on Wednesday, the authority responsible for health monitoring. The latter decided that the teachers at this establishment should now be considered as a full-fledged cluster. Consequently, the communal authority asked all the teachers of the establishment to respect a fortnight and to go to be tested. For lack of teachers, classes will no longer be offered for the moment. A daycare system was set up as a matter of urgency.

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