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Kershaw was unable to participate in the classic as he wished, and the Los Angeles Times commented: Paperwork hurt the event.Reuters

Major League Dodgers star player Clayton Kershaw will turn 35 years old. Although he is full of ambitions and wants to play for the US team in the classic game at least once in the later stage of his career, he cannot participate because of insurance issues. ,los angeles timesRegarding the comment, “If the stars cannot participate due to paperwork, the WBC will never be able to become the world football game in the baseball world.” Expressing regret for Kershaw’s retirement.

At the end of last year, the World Cup in Qatar became a major event in the global sports world, attracting the attention of the whole world. Can the WBC follow the example of the World Cup and attract global attention? The Los Angeles Times column stated that although Major League Baseball hosts the World Baseball Classic and hopes to make it the most successful event, it still has reservations. Focusing on protecting the best interests is the MLB season. Under the endorsement, Kershaw’s withdrawal greatly reduced the competition.

The Los Angeles Times column even broke the news that, according to an anonymous source, Kershaw even considered buying his own insurance to participate in the competition; but Kershaw said, “I try to solve this problem, including the major leagues, unions, teams and everyone to discuss this issue. , but it just doesn’t work out.”

“Clashes between professional teams and national teams also occur in football, with the difference that, for big international events, FIFA is obliged to make professional players release players to their respective national teams. Messi ( Lionel Mesii is 35 years old, and even if Paris Saint-Germain and Ligue 1 didn’t want him to play, in the end they couldn’t stop him from playing; The reason for the cup.” Luo Shi commented and wrote this paragraph.

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