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Shohei Ohtani.Hoshinsha

Shohei Otani led the Japanese team to win the classic championship. In addition to the excellent results on the court, his performance off the court was also highly praised. The Dominican female reporter (Paloma Almonte) recently exposed the screen of interviewing Otani, and said that he is very grateful to Otani, because He was the only player willing to be interviewed.

Amonte posted a video interview with Otani Shohei on Instgram, as well as a group photo of the two. She said that unlike other players who refused to be interviewed, Otani was the only player who was willing to be interviewed by Dominican reporters. In addition, Otani was very friendly and used English thoughtfully during interviews.

Amonte shared the content of the interview on the day. She asked Shohei Otani about his feelings after the game. Otani responded, “This championship game is the best game and the best moment in his life.” He also did not forget to praise the performance of other countries and show his grace .

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