Claude Montana’s fashion is back in service

IN IMAGES – Vintage expert Byronesque and Farfetch call on Gareth Pugh to re-edit eleven iconic silhouettes of Claude Montana.

Claude Montana during one of his parades in 1983. Guy Marineau

Martin Margiela and Helmut Lang are often cited, but fashion is also obsessed with the work of Claude Montana. The young designers are inspired, with more or less distance, by the French couturier, by his women of the 1980s, with leather pants with constricted waists and over-shouldered jackets. However, Claude Montana gave up his mark in 1997. Among the early fans, Gareth Pugh. The English designer had carte blanche to reissue 11 iconic models created between 1979 and 1994. A project initiated by vintage expert Gill Linton, founder of Byronesque, and sold on the Farfetch e-shop.

Claude Montana and his models in Paris in 1979. guy_marineau

“What a responsibility I have had to revive the Montana heritage! Gareth Pugh says. She is a cult figure, her influence was enormous in the 1980s, and for thirty years she has not aged a bit. Claude Montana, as a visionary, redefined the aesthetics of his time. And yet, his style has never been so current. I have been working on this project since last summer. With Gill Linton, we reflected on the most relevant pieces to revisit, we took reference archives and did a lot of research using videos and period magazines. Among our selection I especially remember the dress with the embroidered eagle from 1979. It is for me the Montana signature: the shoulders are broad and marked, the outfit is in leather, fitted at the waist, worn by a celebrated, powerful woman. and uncontrollable. It is the perfect summary of the creativity, techniques and proportions of this designer whom I admire so much. “

Fashionable love letter

Montana en 1988 Guy Marineau

Fans of the Palace generation can get the Montana print t-shirt (€ 223), the famous leather dress (€ 4140) or a cape with XXL shoulders (available in three colors, € 1013), meticulously reproduced in London, with the manufacturers and leather specialists of Mr. Montana.

“By observing the breadth of Montana’s designs, we understand how the brand has shaped the history of fashion,” said Gill Linton, founder of Byronesque. These clothes seem to have been designed for our time. Such was the genius of the couturier, just like that of Gareth. This collaboration with Farfetch is a love letter to Montana and to fashion. A perfect match “

Added to the collection is a short documentary “Montana: Le Retour” directed by Byronesque and Farfetch. A tribute to the couturier of figures in the fashion industry, having been influenced by his work.

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