Claudia Bahamón, from Masterchef, mistakenly recorded indiscretion: “I see everything”

Just like days ago appeared without makeup from her dressing roomClaudia Bahamón once again shared a moment of fun behind the scenes with her colleagues from ‘Masterchef’.

In this case, the story began several weeks ago, when the Chilean chef Chris Carpentier imitated the host of the program cuisine of Canal RCN during one of the chapters.

The theme, which on that occasion provoked the public reaction of the Huilensewas once again a reason for ridicule by the jury of ‘Masterchef’, although now it caused a cumbersome situation.

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Claudia Bahamon, from ‘Masterchef’indiscretion was recorded by mistake

The host of the RCN Channel culinary program affirmed through your personal Instagram account, which has more than 4.5 million followers, a curious moment in the dressing room.

Carpentier was wearing the wig with which he imitated her earlier and took the opportunity to joke around, while she recorded the situation in a story, in which she asked the question.

“Who did Vanessa leave better?” Asked the presenter, who when noticing the image of her recording added: “Oh, m…, you can see everything”, after assuming that she showed more in her video.

Noticing that carelessness due to indiscretion, the “Masterchef” jury again joked with the woman from Huila about the supposed similarity between the two, while continuing with her imitation.

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