Claudia Bahamón, from RCN’s ‘Masterchef’, what she said about who they are going to take out

Claudia Bahamón has become one of the icons of ‘Masterchef’, from Canal RCN. The host of the celebrity gastronomy contest moved social networks again.

This time, He did it with some comments on Frank Martínez’s Instagram posts, who before He responded harshly for a statement of the comedian.

Users entered the conversation on the Antioqueño’s personal account, which has more than 332,000 followers in that digital space.

‘Masterchef’: what did Claudia Bahamón say, who’s going to leave

The host of the program responded to a user who said that she wished the comedian did not leave the program, with a comment that gave for multiple interpretations on who will come out.

“Obviously they are going to take it out hahahahahahajajjajaajajajajajaj everyone comes out!”, Said the presenter about the future of the comedian and the rest of the celebrities in the program.

This is the image of that comment, in which it is clear that at the end of the program everyone will end up outside:

Instagram @frankelflaco

One of the users assured that Bahamón made a “spoiler” of the next chapter of the culinary contest of the RCN Channel, where a participant is eliminated every weekend.

However, in another of the comments of that same publication, Frank Martínez assured that he awaits the scolding “in the present” from the Huila, to which she replied.

“Seriously? In the imaginary collective we are in the present. You still haven’t come out. Emanuel is not out yet. What’s more, do they come out? It is not known if you go out first or him, “he jokingly wrote.

Instagram @frankelflaco
Instagram @frankelflaco

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All this is part of the spicy and promotion that Claudia Bahamón makes of the program in the middle of his interaction with the participants on social networks, where interpretations are on the agenda.


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