Claudia Bahamón surprised many in ‘Masterchef’; ‘Tatán’ Mejía did not hide it

The chapter of this Sunday, May 8, ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ was marked by the way in which the cooks had fun practicing different water activities in the municipality of Paipa, in Boyacá.

The moments were of laughter, and even the presenter Claudia Bahamón dared to share with the participants. In fact, the actress Natalia Ramírez confessed that she saw how “all my classmates were excited to play in the water like when they were kids”.

One of the ones he enjoyed the most was Bahamón, who moments before practicing his activity he threw himself on Aida Morales, who was on an inflatable aquatic donut waiting for a boat to start the journey to drag her.

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After some contestants enjoyed certain water sports, it was the presenter’s turn to practice water skiing. Although many thought that it would not go well, the woman left them surprised.

Once the boat began to move to drag Bahamón, she maintained her balance to the point that she traveled several meters completely on her feet. Seeing this, several participants did not hide their surprise and threw him one or two compliments.

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“What a tense woman, parce”, said the motorcyclist ‘Tatán’ Mejía. On the other hand, the content creator ‘Estiwar G’ assured: “Claudita is very rough. She knows how to ski, dive and play water polo […] My Claudia is gomelita”.

After a few minutes on the water, Claudia Bahamón returned to the pier where the celebrities were watching her and confessed that, although it was complicated, she felt very good skiing.

“I’m already reviving, I’m super well. My feet are cramped, but super well”, he pronounced with gestures of emotion.

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