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For many, one of the reasons for the serious football crisis that affects Colo Colo is due to the lack of a definitive coach for the First Team. Gualberto Jara arrived to put out the fire that Mario Salas left in February of this year, but little has been able to do in recent dates.

Several names have been in the fore to take the reins of the Cacique, such as Luiz Felipe Scolari in the beginning and Gustavo Quinteros. However, several fans are excited about the possible return of one who knows the club closely and who has triumphed as a player and as a coach: Claudio Borghi.

Bichi is in the memory of the Albos fans for the unprecedented four-time championship of 2006 and 2007, but despite the enthusiasm of the fans, the trans-Andean ruled out this possibility due to disagreements with Aníbal Mosa: “I do not think I am the right person, because I do not like the president of the club in his form or style, it would be going to bring more problems. I don’t think I’m the right person. “

“I say this because I had meetings with him, once at 12 at night he came to talk about football at my house and many people thought he came to offer me things, I am convinced that he came to seek more information than a coach, that it’s a problem“, he added in conversation with Cooperative Radio.

Regarding the rumors that linked him to the Cacique’s bank, the Bichi clarified that “Many put me as an option, it is still a pride, because they have no obligations, but I want them to know that I never had the possibility to return … I want to return, as long as we are willing to help, a person alone cannot solve all problems, Colo Colo has more than sports problems“.

Finally, Borghi was lapidary with the complicated present of the team in the National Championship: “Last year the U had the manual to destroy a big one and sold it to Colo Colo. From this manual, they are doing everything wrong to pass complex sporting and economic moments, I don’t understand much about economics, but it is transferred to the field and is a reflection of what is said around. A Colo Colo, in these 28 years that I live in Chile, I have never seen him play that way“.


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