Claudio Capéo, victim of a big depression, in burnout, his descent into hell revealed

Even when you’re a star, life sometimes has dark sides. In a recent interview, Claudio Capeo looks back on a very complicated time in his life. Indeed, the singer admits having lived a real period of despair. In front of Anne’s microphone Roumanoff on Europe 1, the artist makes revelations about his heavy depression.

Claudio Capeo : the moment he literally collapses

A celebrity difficult to deal with

Now 35, the singer is releasing a new album. Moreover, this return seems like a real rebirth for him. Because the former candidate of The Voice has been very discreet lately. For a long time, Claudio Capeo withdraws from media life. Today, he explains the reasons for this voluntary withdrawal. During this interview on Europe 1, theartist traces part of his career and part of his life. In fact, he explains how events happened very quickly. For him, everything was fast, maybe even a little too fast.

However, everything seems to smile on him. Indeed the musician and singer, seems live fairy tale since 2016. Thanks to his stint in season 5 of The Voice, it is very quickly noticed. And even if he doesn’t win the show, record labels are interested in him. In August of the same year, he released his first album which quickly became platinum. Cherry on the cake, Claudio Capeo and his group embark on a triumphant tour. Quickly, events follow one another. And his talent is hailed by critics. As a consecration, he even joined the Enfoirés troop in 2019.

A tree that hides the forest

After this meteoric rise, Claudio Capeo therefore seems to have everything to be a fulfilled man. However, the reality seems quite different. Because as often, when we suffer from depression, we hide it from ourselves. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to admit that one is not well. Yet today, the singer is fully aware of having been very bad. In this interview with Anne Roumanoff, the interpreter of Italian origin, speaks without taboo about the difficulties encountered. “I can’t see anyone anymore, I can’t talk to anyone anymore, it’s over. I felt like I had lost my life, to have lost everything “. According to the artist, everything is going too fast. In just a few weeks, he was thrown into the world of show business. And obviously he is not prepared for such a change.

“It was like I was alone in the world. I no longer had time to think (…) . Apparently Claudio Capeo finds itself at the heart of a veritable whirlwind. Success is so quick that he doesn’t have time to take a step back. As he explains, he doesn’t have time to understand where he is, what he does and how he lives. Realizing that he has a problem, he decides to calm the storm. Therefore, he takes a step back with this media exposure. And this choice will truly save him. In addition, he no longer hesitates to talk about this difficult period. Because putting words on emotions allows him to fight his demons. “Before that, I never spoke. I had to times to open up to me. I was struggling to say i love you to my mother. I had a hard time telling my wife. It was complicated for me “. Today, Claudio Capeo finally seems appeased. And especially to speak of his sufferings seems to truly liberate him.

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