Cleaning services delete a Banksy work in Paris

Updated:06/10/2020 12:20h


One of Banksy’s few works in Paris has been eliminated by cleaning services municipalities of the French capital.

Located in the Latin Quarter, the mural represented one of Banksy’s hallmarks, rats. On this occasion, the rodent was adorned with a bow red with white dots, the typical one with which the Disney character Minnie Mouse is usually characterized. Above her head, the. Number 8, In reference to 50th anniversary of May 1968.

According to the newspaper “The Parisian”, the work of the famous street artist was protected in the past by a plexiglass sheet, like many of other pieces that he has distributed through the streets of the entire planet. Despite her withdrawal,. it had never been vandalized.

«In this district is the house of Gabriel Matzneff», A bookseller tells the aforementioned medium. The writer is at the center of the controversy because he is a pedophile who boasted of being one in his own work (“The consent”, Vanessa Springora’s book where he related the events, has just been published in Spain).

Apparently this fact had triggered the graffiti in the area against abuse and sexual violence, so the cleaning services of the City Council were notified, which covered it because it was found “degraded and covered with graffiti”.

Last July, Banksy left his mark inside a carriage in the London Underground. The work, in which multiple rats appeared ironically reflecting the spread of the coronavirus, was also removed by an operatorfrom the trucking company who thought it was a ordinary graffiti. It is estimated that this piece by the street artist could exceed eighty million euros.

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