Clémentine Sarlat: “I went to Stage 2 crying” – Médias

“Why did you leave the sports department in the summer of 2018?
In May 2017, before my maternity leave, the sports management announces that I will co-present Stade 2 with Matthieu Lartot. In reality, it was com. We just had to announce a presenter. When I come back, in January 2018, I am told: ” Because of the lights and the cameras, you will not be able to be next to Matthieu. ” I was no longer a co-presenter. When I asked for a raise, I was told: “Make yourself essential first!” Matthew had it, normal! But why not me? Then I was put on RTT on my telecommuting days requested to take care of my baby, it was the last straw. I said to them, “You don’t punish three-quarters of the old people who never come to work.” I decided to leave.


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