Cleon wins two product innovation awards at CES 2022

KLleon (CEO Jin Seung-hyuk), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), announced on the 22nd that it was the only company in the world to receive the Innovation Award with two products in the SW & mobile app field at ‘CES 2022’. Two booths will be prepared and participated in ‘2022 CES’. In addition, the company plans to enter the US in earnest from next year, including moving its Korean headquarters to the US next year.

Cleon, which received an investment of 2 billion won from Kakao in August, has quadrupled its corporate value in the past two months, and has recently succeeded in additional investment with this value. Cleon’s core technology is ‘deep human’ based on AI. ‘Deep Human’ is a technology that synthesizes images in real time with only one picture and 30 seconds of voice. CJ ENM, LG Electronics, Kakao, and Hyundai provided ‘deep human’ technology.

Thanks to this, Cleon established a Japanese branch this year and will enter the US market in earnest from next year. Advance signal is good. In the software & mobile app field of ‘2022 CES’ hosted by the Consumer Technology Association of America (CTA), only two products were awarded the Innovation Award and their technology was recognized. Considering that this award is Cleon’s first participation in CES, it is unusual for only two products in the world to win out of 31 awards in the software & mobile app field, and the company explained that it was recognized for its outstanding technology. The Innovation Award of CES is awarded to the most creative and technologically advanced products through strict screening among the products exhibited at CES every year.

Cleon has three main products. ‘KAMELO’, a real-time video sharing social media platform and mobile app, allows you to become the main character in a movie with a single touch without shooting, create a virtual human by putting on a new face, and change the lines in the video. . It received the CES Innovation Award in recognition of the fact that anyone can easily implement a virtual human and that it presents a new vision for the future metaverse ecosystem.

If ‘Camello’ is a social media platform, ‘KLling’ and ‘KLone’ provide realistic solutions that are in contact with our daily lives. ‘Cling’ is a next-generation dubbing solution. The audio of the video is automatically dubbed in multiple languages. It is planned to be launched in the second quarter of next year at home and abroad. Korean content can be translated into English in the United States and into Chinese in the Greater China region. By providing a new level of dubbing service that compensates for the shortcomings of dubbing and subtitles, it was highly praised for its contribution to the globalization of content by breaking down the language barrier, and also received the Innovation Award at CES.

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‘KLone’ is a virtual character chatbot. It provides a video chat using a virtual person with an image and voice that matches the corporate brand. Since it is a virtual character, you can set not only gender, occupation, but also body type and voice, and it provides six languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. It can be used in a variety of ways, from announcers, CS counselors, travel guides, show hosts, and cafe students. It is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of next year.

Seung-hyeok Jin, CEO of Cleon, said, “We plan to build a foothold for global advancement starting with this CES participation. “he said.

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