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client accused him of rape during hypnosis session

The correctional court of Verviers on Friday sentenced a therapist, coach and hypnotist to two years in prison for having raped one of his patients during a consultation, on June 8, 2018, in his office in Herve.

“The lady saw this therapist because she was having trouble sleeping as a result of the loss of a child. During the 3rd session, she was crying, he took her in his arms, stroked her and digitally penetrated her “, indicated the public prosecutor who had insisted on” the state of amazement of the victim who did not ‘was not able to react and oppose physically’.

On leaving this meeting, she immediately called her husband and a complaint was filed.

On the side of the defense, the facts were contested, considering that there was no material element that could attest to them apart from the testimony of the civil party. “If the next patient has heard nothing, it cannot be a dependent element to justify the victim’s state of bewilderment,” the lawyer got upset and demanded his client’s acquittal. The court did not follow its line of defense and found that the prejudices were established.


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